Duck Videos

Here are some videos I’ve taken of my Muscovy flock. I hope you enjoy them!

Compilation of Ducks Bathing:

Clipping a Duck’s Wings:

The Pumpkin Leaf Party:

The Daily Feeding Session:

3-week-old Ducklings Bathing:

Free Range Ducks Foraging:

The Early Morning Tadpole Party:

Ducks Mating:

Ducks Voraciously Eating Fish:

Three-day-old Ducklings in Water for the First Time:

Flock splashing in creek:

Duckling eating watermelon:

Ducklings eating watermelon for the first time:

The Watermelon Frenzy:

Ducks Swimming and Looking for food:

Assisting Duckling’s Hatch:

Muscovy Ducklings Swimming:

Duck Preening Antics:

Duck Bathing:

Ducks Foraging:

Ducks Mating:

9-week-old Ducks Eating:

1-month-old Duckling Bathing:

Ducklings Eating:

Ducklings Eating from Hand:

The Cucumber Thieves Party:

Preening Compilation:

Ducks Jumping for Pumpkin Leaves:

Various Treats and Feed:


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