Raising Ducks


Ducks are so hardy, you can throw them over the side of a cliff and they won’t die. (Wait…that doesn’t work, because they fly, duh.) Ducks are so hardy, you can leave them out in the middle of a blizzard, hurricane, or even fire, and they’ll live (well, maybe; there HAVE been stories of ducks who survived even wildfires).

But that doesn’t mean you can toss them out in your backyard and expect them to stay safe. It’s true they’re extremely hardy, but just having feathers and a cute face doesn’t make them invincible.

Yeah, sorry to break it to you, but you’ll have to shell out some $$$ to keep them safe.

But on the bright side, they need less than chickens, in general. And depending on where you live and what kind of environment your ducks will be living in, it’s possible that you can adequately house them for virtually nil.

Our articles will help you decide what method of housing you need, how to keep your ducks happy, healthy, and safe, give you tips to keep the costs down, and more.


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