Ducks are extremely hardy creatures. They have amazing ability to heal themselves.

Last week, my young male was attacked by a fox. He had some minor injuries on his back, but there was something wrong with his legs. There were no external injuries, but he could not put weight on either leg.

Should I take him to the vet?

I decided to wait one day. I put him in the shade with his siblings and put water withing easy access. Several times during the day, I carried him to the bathtub and let him have a swim. Swimming takes all the weight off his legs, and he enjoyed it, of course.

The next day, he was only limping! After a few more days, he was perfectly fine.

My older male also had a predator encounter. His leg was ripped open, and his underside was torn up some. He had a hard time walking. But after a few days of rest, he was back to his normal, daily activities.

So if you have a mildly injured duck, you can often save the money in vet bills by just putting the duck in a quiet, calm place where he can rest. You may also want to treat the wound. Hopefully, it will heal by itself!

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