Raising Ducks


Here are some good books and websites about ducks. Some are about chickens as well, but most chicken information also applies to ducks.


Backyard Chickens: This is a large poultry website and forum. You can sign up for free in order to post on the forum. It has information, coop designs, breed and product reviews, and even is a forum for ducks.

Muscovy Duck Central: A website dedicated to the Muscovy, with a forum, basic information, color types, nest box ideas, how to determine gender, and more.

Raising Ducks n’ More: This is my Youtube channel, where you can watch my ducks and see videos about raising ducks.


(Click the link above to see a listing of various duck books for sale. Below are my reviews of three of these books, which I own.)

The Small-Scale Poultry Flock, by Harvey Ussery

Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks, by Dave Holderread

Keeping Ducks and Geese, by Chris & Mike Ashton


Coops and Runs


  1. I have a wonderful kind duck who is roughly 8 weeks old along with it’s buddy and twelve chicklets and have kept them inside the garage until it stays warmer outside at night and have kept them contained together with a big bowl of daily fresh water to climb in and clean themselves and clean shavings Atleast 5 out of 7 days a week, and Atleast add dry shavings the couple days I do not scoop out their mini coup! The other day my duck had bloody tips on his feathers and seemed like my coupe of Nantucket red chica were pecking at his/her wings and didn’t know if it was a rash or if my reds are going to be cocks and not the egg layers Ng hens I was hoping for? I am begging for any advise and my email is beckandrew409@gmail.com and can gladly respond within a month if reached by then or if you can comunicate via text, my number is 603 547 0317, and I will be sure to reply with thanks with in Atleast a couple days, I have become horrible With comunicating with the outside world, and that is not pandemic related, I like animals and just can’t stand most people and this is my second year with enjoying the fowl life and learning as I go and even have a chic and duck left from last summers, when me and my daughter stopped at tractor supply and started off with six chics and two ducks! Nature can be cruel apparently like people, and before I get the obvious answer I have already separated the ducks into an old dog kennel that I have so they are away from the mean chicks and just curious if it’s a rash I should be looking out for or anything else thank you so much for taking the time to read this and get back to me if you do! I am a twice divorced single father of a very wonderful daughter who I was hoping would be more fascinated with the live stock, but has entered the grunge “I don’t care about anything else” phase and enjoy hanging with my ducks and chicks, and loving my new fowl life!

    Andrew Beck
    1. Your duck is 8 weeks old and one day had bloody wingtips?

      That would not be a rash; rashes are on the skin, not feathers. An 8-week-old would be growing new feathers, and these feathers are full of blood and break easily. So I’m guessing your duckling just broke one of these young “blood feathers.” And chickens, unfortuntely, have an instinct to peck at blood, which only worsens the bleeding.

      Yes, separating is the best thing to do. Once there’s no longer any evidence of blood, you can try put the duckling back with the chicks. Some people also spray their birds with Blu-Kote, which is not only antibacterial but also bright blue, so it camouflages wounds.

      Good luck and keep enjoying your ducks/chickens! 🙂 It can be awfully stressful when they get sick or injured, but they are so rewarding and fun to have.


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