Review of “Keeping Ducks and Geese”

Review of “Keeping Ducks and Geese”


  1. A Brief History of Domesticated Waterfowl (INTRODUCTION)
  2. Understanding Waterfowl (FIRST CONSIDERATIONS)
  3. Planning and Commitment (FIRST CONSIDERATIONS)
  4. Environment (GETTING STARTED)
  5. Where and When to Buy (GETTING STARTED)
  6. Feeding Waterfowl (GETTING STARTED)
  7. Choosing the Right Breed (GETTING STARTED)
  8. Egg Production (ALL ABOUT EGGS)
  9. Breeding Ducks and Geese (ALL ABOUT EGGS)
  10. Rearing (WELFARE)
  11. General Health and Care (WELFARE)
  12. Painted and Decorated Eggs (USING EGGS AND FEATHERS)
  13. Feathers and Down (USING EGGS AND FEATHERS)
  14. Goose and Duck Egg Recipes (USING EGGS AND FEATHERS)

My Review

Keeping Ducks and Geese is full of beautiful full-color pictures and has a wonderful breed guide for both ducks and geese. It has good information about duck behavior, getting started, and accommodation. The feeding section covers how much to feed, how to  provide it, how to store food, and some other, similar information, but it says very little about natural feeding, which is a major flaw in my opinion. Their sections about breeding, rearing ducklings, health, and general care are all excellent. In general, Keeping Ducks and Geese is a good book, and the breeds section is certainly helpful, especially with the vivid pictures.

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