Aggressive Ducks: Why drakes attack and how to permanently stop aggression

You’re wondering how you can walk in your yard without Mr. Macho tearing a gash in your leg with his razor-sharp talons and leaving nasty dark bruises with his hard, twisting bite. You don’t want to resort to inviting your beloved drake for dinner. Neither do you want to become the subject of the next viral YouTube video if your neighbors catch you facing off a little 15-pound duck in medieval armor.

You know he’s just a puny little bird, but you’re kinda scared of him. The kids can’t go out to pick eggs anymore. You can’t turn your back for a second, or he’ll pounce and attack.

I hear it over and over. HELP!!! Why does my male duck attack me? How can I make my duck stop biting me?

Don’t give up. There’s a solution, apart from killing him. Drakes are not mindless maniacs, however much they may seem to be. There’s a secret to it.

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