Raising Ducks

Raising Ducks

Raising Ducks

Raising Ducks

Why ducks?

Why would you own ducks? Why not chickens? Why not just buy eggs and meat from the supermarket? Why ducks? Most duck- and chicken-raisers say that the eggs from their own, healthy, naturally-raised ducks taste...
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Muscovy Duck

The Muscovy is a very unique breed of duck. In fact, it’s not even a true duck – it’s simply called a duck. The Muscovy is to the duck world what the donkey is to...
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How to Feed Ducklings

A proper diet is one of the most important parts of giving your new ducklings a healthy, happy start in life. Fortunately, it’s not rocket science. Here are the four components of a healthy, balanced...
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Raising Ducks is dedicated to the care of the wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, useful birds we call ducks. Welcome!

Our goal is to have an abundance of FREE knowledge and information concerning duck care: housing, feeding, breeds, hatching, record-keeping, profiting, managing, preventing problems, and more.

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Why aren’t my ducks laying eggs? 15 reasons

Ducks lay eggs. Except when they don’t. Why aren’t my ducks laying? Why did my ducks suddenly stop laying? When will my ducks lay? Shouldn’t my ducks be laying more eggs than this? It’s one of the most frustrating issues people have with their ducks, and also one of the most frequent complaints I hear. The answer is here. Every “my ducks aren’t laying eggs!” case I’ve ever heard of can be attributed to one or more of these fifteen causes:
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Aggressive Ducks: Why drakes attack and how to permanently stop aggression

You’re wondering how you can walk in your yard without Mr. Macho tearing a gash in your leg with his razor-sharp talons and leaving nasty dark bruises with his hard, twisting bite. You don’t want to resort to inviting your beloved drake for dinner. Neither do you want to become …
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10 Effective Ways To Sex Your Muscovy Duck (With Pictures)

When a Muscovy duckling hatches, you can’t say, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” All you can do is look at the cute fluffball and say, “It’s a baby!” Three months later, it’s no longer a baby, but it still hasn’t said what it is. Why did they have …
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I Found a Hidden Nest! How To Stop Your Duck From Hiding Her Eggs

The other day, I was wandering around the duck yard, looking for two rascals who were late for bed, when I saw this: three lovely white eggs, snug under a wood pile. Many ducks, particularly those who are often inclined to go broody, are notorious nest hiders. They think hiding …
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Can ducks lay 2+ eggs in one day? (You’ll be surprised!)

Everybody knows ducks lay one egg a day. If you exclaim excitedly, "My duck laid two eggs today!" you'll probably get funny looks, if you're talking to people who know anything whatsoever about ducks. They'll tell you, no, ducks never lay two eggs in a day. But they'd be wrong. Once in a while, a duck owner will get one more egg than the amount of female ducks they have. Can a duck really lay two eggs in one day? Surprisingly, yes.
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What time of day do ducks lay eggs?

Ducks generally lay their eggs at early morning, around sunrise. However, it varies a lot. Some ducks lay around 4:30 AM. Most lay around 6 AM. Others lay around 9 AM. And occasionally, a duck will lay in the afternoon, or even evening.
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