Raising Ducks

Raising Ducks

Raising Ducks

New to Ducks? 20 Things You Need to Know

First of all, welcome to the world of ducks! If you haven’t had your ducks long or are still in the planning stage, you doubtlessly have questions. Here are answers to 20 of the most...
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Duck Housing: Everything You Need to Consider

There are many ways to house your ducks and many factors to consider. Ducks don’t like being cooped up, so their preferences are more space and less infrastructure. The more space they can have, especially...
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25 Ways to Keep Your Ducks Healthy and Prevent Disease

Given a good environment, ducks rarely get sick. Seeing as an ounce of prevention is worth, you know, a pound of cure, or hundreds of dollars of cure, or whatever, here are 25 ways to help prevent duck health issues.

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Welcome to Raising Ducks!

Ducks are the new chickens.

More and more people are deciding to raise their own eggs. Most of them turn to keeping backyard chickens. But some people—a rising number—choose ducks instead.

That’s who we’re here for.

Ducks are every bit as cool and useful as chickens, and almost certainly cuter. They’re still underappreciated, but they’re gaining in popularity.

If you want to raise ducks, you’ve come to the right place.

There just isn’t enough information available online about ducks. Not yet, anyway. But our goal is to have a plethora of free, comprehensive guides to everything you could ever need to or want to know about ducks.

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Got questions about eggs or egglaying? Here’s our basic guide to duck eggs and egglaying, and here’s the “Eggs” category.

Hatching ducklings? Check out our basic guide to duck breeding and duckling brooding or browse the “Breeding” category.

Want to learn about duck health? Here’s a list of 25 ways to keep your ducks healthy, and here’s our “Health” category.

Got questions about duck care and management? Browse our “Management” category.

Want to read anything and everything? Visit the blog to see every single post I’ve written.

Are you still considering whether to raise ducks or not? Click to “Why Ducks?” and make up your mind!

Do you have your heart set on owning a flock, but are not sure what to do next? Click to “Planning The Flock.”

Want to explore all the duck breeds? Check out our duck breed guide.

Planning a coop or run? Here’s our basic guide to housing ducks, and here’s the “Housing” category.

Want to learn about feeding ducks? Read our basic guide to feeding ducks or look at our “Feeding” category.

Recent Posts

The Magpie duck: breed guide

First documented in the early 1920s, the Magpie is a relatively modern breed with a lot to offer. They make fabulous dual-purpose homestead ducks, with...
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15 Ways To Reduce Duck Feed Costs

Duck feed is expensive, certainly the largest expense associated with raising ducks. Naturally, you probably want to find ways to save money on feed. Maybe...
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Duck Coop and Run Size Calculator

How much space does a duck need to be comfortable and happy? Here are three nifty calculators—for coop size, run size, and duckling brooder size—as...
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Pet Ducks: 10 Things You MUST Know Before Getting Some

Ducks are cute, entertaining, and lay delicious eggs to boot. They’re not nearly as popular as dogs, cats, or even parrots, but they make wonderful,...
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10 Best Duck Breeds for Pets (and 3 Worst)

There are over 25 domestic duck breeds. If you’re a beginner looking into buying ducks for the first time (or even if you already have...
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Insoluble Grit for Ducks: Complete Guide

There’s one essential component of your ducks’ diet that isn’t food: grit. Grit consists of small rocks or stones. Ducks need grit to help them...
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Tips for Keeping Free-Range Ducks Safe

Free-ranging, as wonderful as it is for your ducks, always carries some level of risk. Free-range ducks can be extremely vulnerable to predators. Whether your...
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Free-Ranging Ducks 101: Everything You Need to Know

Freedom. Happiness. In the duck world, nothing exemplifies these ideals like the practice of free-ranging. The idyllic vision of ducks frolicking joyfully in green pastures...
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5 Ways to Deal With Extra Drakes

If you’ve raised ducklings, you likely ended up with an equal ratio of males and females--or, if you were unlucky, more males than females. Unfortunately,...
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